question 1: where can i buy?

If you're looking to discover where our drinks are on sale click and see out list of stockists in the STOCKISTS section which we update regularly. 

question 2: What flavours do you do?

Currently we have 2 in our range, apple & ginger and apple & blackcurrant with more flavours and recipes brewing in the pipeline. Have a flavour idea? Let us know!

question 3: do you supply events?

Yes! if you need a large order to cater a specific event just let us know and our drivers will get you the goods.


Our Sodas come in 0.25L bottles in a case of 12.

QUESTION 5: how much?

Drop us a message or email us @ so we can forward you our price list.

QUESTION 6: what are your HEALTH claims

Due to our MASSIVE fruit content of 60% fresh pressed juice and the fact we add no sugar we've loads. We can boast HOUSE SODA is: 100% natural, 1 of your 5 a day, coeliac & vegan friendly, no added colourings, preservatives or flavourings and added vitamin C as an antioxidant.

QUESTION 7: "i own an outlet & i want to stock house soda, how?"

Just drop us a message and let us know how much you need and presto! It'll will be delivered to your door at your convenience.

question 8: Are you the worlds best natural soda?